Benefits of dental implants

There are several benefits and advantages  to be gained from having dental implants which include:

  • Improved oral function
  • Prevent/reduce bone loss
  • Able to eat what you want
  • Better dental hygiene
  • Improved facial appearance
  • Boost your confidence and self esteem
  • No worries about slippage or problems with eating
  • Convenient
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable

A dental implant can be inserted into the upper and/or lower arches of your mouth. They are fixed securely in place so no anxious moments wondering if they are going to move around or even fall out of your mouth.

Improved oral function

How do they improve oral function? By this we mean that they enable your jaws and the rest of your teeth to work as normal. A dental implant functions in exactly the same way as a natural tooth which means that you can eat any type of food you wish. This includes hard foods as well such as fruit, e.g. apples. They also improve your ‘bite’ (the action of opening and closing the jaws) which means that your jaws bite and chew food in a normal manner.

Reduce bone loss

A dental implant stimulates dormant bone tissue into new growth and production. This tissue may have started to atrophy due to a missing tooth but an implant prevents further loss, and, triggers the growth of new tissue, thereby strengthening the jaw. A bone graft may be required if there is significant bone loss but this is a relatively straightforward procedure for our implant dentists.

Able to eat all types of foods

Dental implants mean that you can eat a wide range of foods with confidence. One of the problems with missing teeth is being unable to eat and chew certain foods but an implant prevents all of that. This secure fixture in your mouth looks and behaves in the same way as a natural tooth which means that you can eat even the toughest foods. And unlike dentures, there is no risk of them moving around in your mouth so no worries about drooling or slurring your words.

One of the problems with other forms of replacement teeth such as dentures is that they have a tendency to shift out of position. This misalignment makes it difficult to chew certain foods or to speak properly and can cause sores in your mouth. But this is not the case with dental implants which remain firmly in place.

Better dental hygiene

Dental implants do not impact upon your adjacent natural teeth and are easier to keep clean as well. They can be brushed and flossed as easily as natural teeth plus there is no risk of them becoming worn down which is often the case with other replacement teeth devices, e.g. bridges.

Improved facial appearance

Losing a tooth or several teeth can cause the facial muscles to sag which have an ageing effect. But dental implants can prevent this as they stimulate the production of new bone tissue which provides a stable base for the implant. Plus it helps to thicken and strengthen the jawbone which provides stability to the facial structure. This also means toned, younger looking facial muscles which boost your appearance.

Boosted confidence and self esteem

To follow on from the section above: dental implants help restore your appearance to its former glory, i.e. younger looking and improve your smile as well. Many of our patients say that can talk to others at work and at social occasions with more confidence and without fear of embarrassment.

No need to hide your mouth when talking for fear of slurring your words due to ill fitting dentures or showing unsightly gaps in your teeth. You can return to your previous activities without worrying if your dental implants will let you down because to put it simply: they won’t.

No worries about slippage or difficulty eating

This refers to badly fitting dentures. Dentures are very effective but they do show signs of wear and tear after a period of time or can become loose due to the ageing process (which causes the gums to shrink). A denture which moves around in your mouth causes it to become sore and inflamed which also affects your ability to eat or speak.

There is the option to keep your dentures but to secure them with dental implants or mini dental implants which will prevent any unnecessary movement.


If you have an implant then you don’t have to worry about it becoming loose, moving out of position or falling out of your mouth. You don’t have to remove them last thing at night and replace them when you get up in the morning which is the case with dentures. No need to use a messy adhesive to keep the implant firmly in place or mess around trying to keep them clean as the implant is cleaned in the same way as the rest of your teeth.

Long lasting

Dental implants are durable: they last for many years and up to a lifetime if looked after carefully.


Once the implant is fixed in place then you can expect it to feel as comfortable as a natural tooth. It looks and acts in the same way as a natural tooth and blends in very well with the rest of your teeth. You will not be able to distinguish your natural teeth from your implants when looking in a mirror.

Dental implants have an aesthetic appeal as well as a practical application. The end result is improved confidence, a pride in your appearance and not forgetting, a great looking smile.