Mini dental implants

Mini implants are a smaller version of the normal dental implants hence the name. They consist of a slim metal rod made from titanium which behaves like the natural root of a tooth. Attached to that is an ‘O’ ring and a metal cover which secures the implant in place.

Mini implants are usually inserted to fix a loose denture in place so do not feature an abutment - a metal connector which enables an artificial tooth (crown) to be fixed. They are mainly designed to secure dentures in place; however, they are occasionally used with crowns as a form of restorative dentistry.

Mini implants are also used for patients with less space inside their mouth or insufficient bone density that are unable to have the full sized version. However in most cases where a full sized implant can be used this is often the gold standard treatment that would be recommended by Caliber.

How do mini dental implants work?

They are in most cases used to hold a loose denture, usually the lower plate, in the mouth. One of the main problems with dentures is that they become loose which is due to a change in the shape of mouth over time. The gums recede and the facial muscles lose tone and elasticity which cause them to sag and this affects the fit of a set of dentures.

A mini implant fixes the loose denture in place which provides a feeling of relief for the wearer. Note that most of our patients undergo denture stabilisation with full sized implants.

What is the advantage of mini implants as compared to full size implants?

These smaller implants are easier to place which means a faster recovery. They are cheaper and provide real benefits to denture wearers. And they are quicker to insert compared to the full sized implant. They are inserted under a local anaesthetic and in a single procedure.

How much do mini implants costs?

Prices vary according to the number of implants you require and your individual treatment plan. If you require additional treatment before the implants then this will push up the cost.

Don’t automatically go for the cheapest option, as this may not be the best. You want treatment by an experienced implant dentist who has your best interests at heart.

As a rough guide you can expect mini implants to cost approximately 40% less than full sized implants.

Caliber mini implants are top quality and affordable. They are not the cheapest but you get implants from a well-qualified, experienced dentist who will choose the most suitable implant for you.

Note: not all patients are suitable for mini implants and our implant dentist will choose the right type of implant for you and advise you on your options at your consultation.